Music is one of the most important elements of any wedding, and live music is always far better than simply hiring a DJ to play some tunes. Live music brings a real buzz to the room and creates the right atmosphere for a wedding reception party where the guests want to get up and dance. Jazz is one of the most popular music choices for weddings – many people like the vintage, retro feel of a jazz band, but musical styles can vary from traditional to more contemporary jazz. So why choose a jazz band for your wedding reception?

Jazz bands can play a huge array of music, and there are so many types within the genre! An average of 60 songs are played at a reception when a DJ is involved, but with a live band, you certainly get quality over quantity. There’s modern jazz, romantic jazz from the 50s, bebop, pop Latin jazz – and the list goes on. Whatever style you’re after to suit your tastes or theme, a jazz band can provide you with all the right music.

The party vibe
While DJs are great for wedding receptions, nothing builds up that party atmosphere quite like a live music band. It’s hard to resist a bit of foot-tapping and getting up onto the dance floor when there’s live music playing, and the buzz you get from the presence of a live band is infectious. Live music brings a whole new dimension to a reception, making it an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

The quality of the experience
Once a DJ has worked through your playlist, they often revert to playing the latest chart-toppers, and that’s not to everyone’s tastes. You probably have friends and family from a wide range of age groups in attendance, and a live band can easily adapt to accommodate requests and make sure that everybody gets to hear something from ‘their era’. That could mean vintage jazz for older relatives and more modern tunes for younger family members.

The cost and value for money
You really do get value for money with a live jazz band. While it may work out a little more expensive than hiring a DJ, you cannot beat the experience of live music and there’s always that ‘wow factor’ when the band strikes up for your first dance. The set a DJ might play possibly won’t stick in your memory, but you’ll certainly always remember the incredible moment the live jazz music starts up and everyone begins to let their hair down!

A live jazz band is a perfect choice for your wedding, taking the experience to a whole new level and adding that magical sparkle you want people to enjoy and remember. Nothing can beat live music, and jazz has that impossible-to-resist tempo and flow which makes dancing come naturally, even for those with two left feet. For something a little different to make the occasion unique and special, you should definitely consider a live jazz band.